Some people tend to avoid challenging conversations in the workplace out of fear they’ll conflict with the business at hand. However, studies have shown that avoiding those uncomfortable conversations can actually hinder professional growth and potentially the overall success of a company. Here’s why the tough conversations can actually be the best conversations:

Feedback is Fundamental for Success

Like a printer running without printing supplies, a person can fail to improve and grow professionally without feedback. According to research, 65% of employees wish they could receive more feedback at work. By having a conversation with your coworkers and superiors, you can identify areas of improvement, and receive insight from those working alongside you into the best ways for that improvement to take place.

Make Sure You Can Look the Other Person in the Eye

Being able to look someone in the eye during professional conversations is incredibly important. However, tough and uncomfortable conversations require even more attention to one’s body language and demeanor. During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, try to make a point to conduct important conversations via a video conferencing platform. Having the ability to see how another person is reacting to your words and vice versa will ultimately make your conversations far more effective and respectful than simply over the phone or worse, over email.

Preparing for Challenging Times

If we have learned anything from the last few months, it’s just how quickly our world can change. Having tough conversations in the workplace is important to set yourself up for success throughout turbulent times in business. Having an accurate understanding of not only your own strengths and weaknesses, but also that of the company is an integral part of navigating through challenging times and coming out on the other side stronger and more successful than ever before.


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